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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Carpets

Every business wants to project a positive image, and cleanliness plays a significant role in this area. Clean carpets are one of the main ways your office can feel extra clean. But with the ton of people walking in and carrying a ton of dirt with them, keeping carpets clean can be a difficult task. So how often should you get commercial carpet cleaning for your office?

How often is your office space used?

The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on many factors, one of them being the number of people walking in. If your office is busy with customers and workers walking in and out, it will make sense to clean carpets frequently. In this case, quarterly carpet cleaning is recommended. In general, deep carpet cleaning should be done yearly or every year and a half.

Depending on the Season

Carpets can get dirty especially when it’s a rainy season. Employees will bring in some mud with their shoes, making carpets dirtier than usual. Having doormats is a way to partially prevent this problem, but they can only help to some extent. Some traces of dirt are bound to make their way into the office. Regular vacuuming is recommended to mitigate this problem. You can then get your carpets properly cleaned after the season is over.

Type of Carpet

The color and type of carpet you have will be one of the main factors influencing the frequency of cleaning required. Lighter color carpets tend to look dirty sooner, hence requiring constant cleaning programs. The density of your carpet, as well as nap and pile height, also affect carpet cleanness. If the nap is high or you have a dense carpet, you will have to clean it more often.

Deep Professional Carpet Cleaning

 High Traffic Area (entrances and ground floor halls) – four times a year.

 Medium Traffic Area (administrative offices or above ground halls) – twice a year.

 Low Traffic Area (boardrooms and conference rooms) – once a year.

General Carpet Cleaning

 High Traffic Area (entrances and ground floor halls) – Once a month or every two months, the more the better.

 Medium Traffic Area (administrative offices or above ground halls) – 4 times a year (quarterly).

 Low Traffic Area (boardrooms and conference rooms) – twice a year. To have your carpet looking good and lasting long, you will need a program where your carpet is professionally cleaned at regular intervals (depending on different areas, based on the state of the carpet, usage, and traffic).

Need a Carpet Cleaned?

If you are looking for office carpet cleaning, then you are at the right place. We have a variety of commercial cleaning services, including carpet cleaning. Contact us to learn more!

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