1245 Hollipark Dr Suite #4, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Monday / Saturday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Providing services since 2017

We're a Commercial
Cleaning Company

Why Work With Us?

At Moonshine Cleaning, we fully understand that our success comes down to our staff. By investing our time and effort into the right people, we have grown a small idea into a large company that makes an impact every day.

If you want to be valued for your care, attention to detail, integrity, hard work, determination, and everything else you have to bring to the table – we want to hear from you!

Have What It Takes?

Benefits for Employees

Time Off/Vacation Pay

401K Retirement Plan

Competitive Wages

Dental and Vision Benefits

Long-term Awards

Cash Advance

Bonus Pay

Staff Parties with Prizes

Competitive Advantages

Flexible Scheduling

Incredible Company Culture

Opportunities to Move Up

The Right Job

We treat our staff with the utmost respect, and it shows. By consistently providing real value for our employees in their personal and professional lives, we continue to attract amazing people and increase our success.

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