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Commercial Cleaning Services Pocatello

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services in Pocatello

Carpet Cleaning

Time to get your office carpets cleaned? Moonshine has you covered with the best commercial carpet cleaning service in…

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Window Cleaning

Looking to get your office windows cleaned? Moonshine offers top notch commercial window cleaning services in Pocatello.

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Floor Cleaning

Moonshine Cleaning Service provides fully customizable floor cleaning services in Pocatello and surrounding areas.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Complete your Pocatello construction project with a clean slate. Moonshine offers efficient post-construction cleaning for a pristine finish.

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Moonshine Cleaning Services offers fully customizable office cleaning services in Pocatello and surrounding areas. Whether your business is in a commercial office building, a medical office, or a call center, we can deliver the solution you need to keep your office area clean and fresh.

We will always listen to you and put effort into fulfilling your business’s needs. As a cleaning company, we can work during or outside of your working hours and at a suitable frequency for your company. We will adapt and find an alternative solution if a specific product, piece of equipment, or even the way our company cleans is not working for your office environment.

Since getting value for money is essential for our customers, Moonshine delivers high-quality and professional cleaning service at a competitive price. And we provide the mentioned product by maximizing the cleaning productivity levels. Your office is a place where essential and sensitive work get conducted daily.

As cleaning professionals, we will always prioritize every company’s privacy and put discretion and confidentiality at the forefront of our business practices.

We want each customer to feel listened to and understood. All of our team members have each taken part in the company’s cleaning and customer service training programs. People working in our facility are welcoming and excellent at what they do. Moonshine, together with its employees, aspires to deliver dependable cleaning outcomes and the best customer service.

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Broad and Customizable Office Cleaning Services in Pocatello

A fresh, clean office highlights the high standards of your business and creates a comfortable work environment for anyone who comes. We will develop a customized cleaning program and strategies for your office that meets your cleaning requirements.
Whether your space is large or small, Moonshine professional team members can and will transform cluttered and dirty workspace into a pristine and spotless space that uplifts employee confidence and productivity. Our office cleaning specialists use industry-standard cleaning methods and products to deliver a fresh and professional atmosphere.

Offering the best commercial cleaning services in Pocatello

Discover a new standard of cleanliness and professionalism with Moonshine Commercial Cleaning Services in Pocatello. We are dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning solutions tailored to suit the unique requirements of your commercial space. Here’s what you can expect from our range of services:

Janitorial Services
Our janitorial services are designed to keep your workplace spotless and well-maintained. We customize our cleaning routines to your schedule, ensuring a clean and organized environment that boosts productivity and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Window Cleaning
Experience crystal-clear views with our professional window cleaning service. Our team utilizes specialized techniques and top-quality cleaning agents to remove grime, dirt, and streaks, allowing the natural light to flood your premises and enhance the overall aesthetics.

Carpet Cleaning
Revitalize and extend the life of your carpets with our expert carpet cleaning service. Our skilled technicians employ advanced methods to remove stubborn stains, odors, and allergens, leaving your carpets looking fresh, clean, and inviting.

Pressure Washing
Restore the exterior of your commercial building and surroundings with our high-pressure washing service. We effectively remove accumulated dirt, mold, and other pollutants, enhancing the curb appeal and overall cleanliness of your property.

Post Construction Cleaning
After a construction or renovation project, our dedicated post-construction cleaning team will meticulously clean and prepare your space, ensuring it’s ready for use. We leave no detail untouched, providing a safe and clean environment for your team and clients.

Floor Cleaning
Maintain a polished and professional look with our thorough floor cleaning services. From sweeping to buffing, we offer comprehensive floor maintenance solutions that leave your floors gleaming and presentable.

Grout Cleaning
Our grout cleaning service restores the brilliance of your tiled surfaces. We use industry-approved methods to eliminate grime, stains, and discoloration, rejuvenating the appearance of your tiled areas and leaving them looking fresh.

Choose Moonshine Commercial Cleaning Services in Pocatello for a commitment to excellence in every service. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products, and proven methodologies to ensure a clean, healthy, and inviting commercial space. Contact us today and elevate your cleaning standards.

Well Trained Team with the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Pocatello


We are guarantee efficient performance for our customer’s satisfaction through our professional team. Our employees understand that quality is vital to all cleaning services. We strive for perfection from our administration and management methods, through staff training policies, to the implementation of up-to-date cleaning techniques. We put a lot of effort, invest in training programs, and trust our employees to deliver results. We believe every member of our team adds value to the service we give.

If your business requires office cleaning services in Pocatello, we are here for you. With a name like Moonshine, you know we mean business. Feel free to look at our other janitorial services. Contact us for any of your cleaning needs.

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