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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Idaho Falls

Full-Services Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls

We specialize in various commercial cleaning solutions to enhance the look and visual reputation of your business. Every business has different needs and customer/employee traffic volumes. Let us help plan out a proper Exterior and Interior cleaning schedule that perfectly suits your business.

Each business has different needs when it comes to their carpets. Some have higher traffic volumes due to customer traffic. Some may be prone to frequent stains, such as in restaurants or hotels. Some may only need it quarterly. That’s why we create a cleaning plan custom to your business’s needs.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Service in Idaho Falls

We work with all types of materials, including carpets, fabric and vinyl, to get your business looking great again. Our commercial carpet cleaners are experts at getting rid of all types of stains, including grease stains, even the most stubborn ones such as coffee spills, wine spills, pet stains, and more.

We provide a complete service that includes:
Deep Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet Rug Shampooing
Spot and Stain Removal
Stain and Odor Removal
Deodorizing and Sanitation

We understand the importance of keeping your commercial space clean, and free of dust and dirt. Our commercial carpet cleaning service is affordable and will leave your carpets looking like new again. Moonshine’s team is trained to work around any obstacles that may be in the way of our equipment, so you can rest assured that your carpets will be clean through and through.

Whatever the situation or commercial grade carpet type, Moonshine cleaning is here to offer the best commercial carpet cleaning process available.
If you’re looking for a full cleaning plan with Carpet Cleaning included, check out our  Janitorial Cleaning Plan.

Request a free quote below and we can work on establishing a custom cleaning routine that will suit all of your business’s unique needs.

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    When you request a free quote from us, we will work together with you to create a custom cleaning plan that is 100% unique to your business. Whether that be quarterly carpet cleaning or a fully developed bi-weekly janitorial schedule.