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We offer you with a wide range of commercial office cleaning services, which will make your cleaning process easy and quick. View all of our commercial cleaning services available in Idaho Falls, Rigby, and Rexburg below.

 Our janitorial cleaning services keep your office pristine. 

Give your clients the best impression of your business.

Clean windows are one of those “easy wins” for any business. 

Keep your property looking professional and well-tended with our professional window cleaning services.


Many carpets need frequent cleaning due to high use from customers. 

Moonshine Cleaning offers the best commercial carpet cleaning service for any carpet.

 Moonshine Cleaning is skilled at commercial floor cleaning services such as re-waxing your hard surfaces to make them look shiny and new. 

Making sure your grout is professionally cleaned at least once a year is essential.

 If you think the “before and after” pictures are dramatic, wait until you see how good your tile can look after we do it.

We specialize in various commercial cleaning solutions to enhance the look and visual reputation of your business. 

Let us help you plan out the proper external cleaning schedule that best suits your Business.

At Moonshine Cleaning, we take your new construction cleaning project from post-construction to show-ready. 

 We strive to consistently meet the demands of contractors in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah.

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Our commercial cleaning services and work is based on values such as:

    Thoughts of our clients about our work

    They have been cleaning my building for approximately 2-years. They are great. They do a great job and if anything ever needs attention, one call and it is handled. They are very honest and professional.
    October 05, 2019
    I appreciate your dedication to excellent service provided to our facility. Your crew has been doing a wonderful job and we are happy with their work. Your crew exceeds my expectations and I congratulate Moonshine Commercial cleaning services for their commitment to outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to get professional cleaning services.
    November 10, 2018
    There are no shortcuts to cleaning, clean is clean. Your work leaves behind not only a positive work atmosphere but also a signature of quality and dedication.
    September 07, 2018