We specialize in various commercial cleaning solutions to enhance the
look and visual reputation of your business. Every business has different needs
and customer/employee traffic volumes. Let us help plan out a proper Exterior and Interior cleaning schedule that perfectly suits your business. 

Grout Cleaning is often overlooked regarding tile floors. Oftentimes, mopping is used to clean the floors, but overtime, they can become a gross brown color that brings both visual and non-visual problems.

Since grout is lower than tile, it traps and contains MUCH more bacteria than the tile itself. When you walk over it, you are spreading the germs all around your office space.

Additionally, it doesn’t look good to have nice clean tiles and a dirty brown seam running throughout all of them.

Great For…

Grout Cleaning is perfect for businesses such as Restaurants, Hotels, Living Communities, Office Buildings, Retail Stores, or anywhere with a bathroom or tile.

We highly recommend that your grout gets cleaned at least once a year. Although this entirely depends on the traffic your floors receive.

That’s Where We Come In!

Our trained professionals will use only the best cleaning products, many products will clean the grout, but will not polish it, eventually leaving a residue that will build over time. 

This works in hand with our Janitorial Cleaning Plan, meaning you don’t have to outsource your Grout Cleaning.

You never know how dirty your floors really are until you clean the grout.

Grout Cleaning

When you request a free quote from us, we will work together with you to create a custom cleaning plan that is 100% unique to your business. Whether that be grout cleaning once a year, or a fully developed bi-weekly janitorial schedule.